Watch hilarious moment naked man tackles car thief to the ground after he tried to still his Range Rover



A man managed to tackle a teenager to the ground after he tried to steal his Range Rover – while he was completely naked.

Stephen Cullen, 29, has branded himself the ‘naked ninja’ after his brave bid to save his beloved 4×4 late on Tuesday night.

Mr Cullen and his girlfriend Nicola Baldwin, 33, were watching TV at home in Newcastle when they heard the vehicle’s alarm go off around 11.30pm.

Not wasting a second to put on any clothes, Mr Cullen darted downstairs stark naked and ran outside to find the would-be thief.

Astounding CCTV footage shows him grab hold of the teenager – while still completely nude – and rugby tackle him to the ground.

Ms Baldwin then runs out after him wearing a dressing gown.

Mr Cullen told The Sun: ‘That car is my pride and joy, there’s no way that anyone was stealing it.’

CCTV footage shows the 17-year-old suspect get into the £10,000 Range Rover and sit in the driver’s seat.

Triggering the alarm he then tries to make a run for it – but is stopped in his tracks by a naked Mr Cullen, who runs at full speed through his garden gate and onto the street.

Girlfriend Ms Baldwin told the newspaper that their next door neighbours in the Longbenton area of the city came out to see her partner ‘in all his glory’.

Mr Cullen, who works as a roofer, added: ‘The guy realised I was naked. He didn’t know hwere to put his hands.’

Police caught up with the suspect, who turned out to be drunk, but the couple decided not to press charges.

Ms Baldwin, who shared the video on Facebook, wrote: ‘Someone tried to steal our car last night. Silly sausage didn’t realise my fiancé is a naked ninja. Bet he won’t try that again in a hurry.’

‘Would there be anything more terrifying than a raging, naked man rugby tackling you?’

It comes after a fearless former amateur rugby player who boxes three times a week who single-handedly tackled two moped thieves in the street in March while wearing pyjama shorts.

Stephen Canny, 33, a commodities broker from Essex, said: ‘Of course I’d do it again. If it happened again tonight, I’d do the same thing again and I wouldn’t even think about it.’

Mr Canny was in his first floor flat in Chelsea at 9.30pm on Wednesday night with fiancée Susie Prynne, 39, an HR director, finalising plans for their wedding in three weeks’ time.

Suddenly they heard loud voices in the street, followed by a loud smash. Without a thought for his own safety, Mr Canny sprang into action, charging outside and launching himself at two masked moped gangsters.

Stephen Cullen is pictured with his girlfriend Nicola Baldwin, who uploaded the clip online 

Mr Cullen caught up with the thief and tackled him to the ground after her ran away from the car

Ms Baldwin (pictured centre) ran out of the house after her boyfriend (pictured far left), but unlike him - took the time to put on a dressing gown 

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‘Don’t cry for me, shed tears for yourself’ – Here’s the poem Tosyn Bucknor wrote predicting her death



A poem written by late radio broadcaster, Tosyn Bucknor which predicted her death has surfaced online.


The 37-year-old radio personality was reportedly found dead by her husband, Aurelien Boyer on Monday night and her elder sister Olufunke Bucknor confirmed that she died due to complications from sickle cell.


However, the late OAP had written a poem which had gone viral, few days before her death, urging her friends and family not to cry when she’s gone but shed tears for themselves. Tosyn also said that she felt no fear for death and that’s why she lived her life the way she did.


The poem reads;

‘’Prize I’ve earned since my birth, my vow to leave a lasting voice after I was  ‘’I look into the future and see me cease, I feel no fear, my face won’t even cease

‘’My steps on this earth, a testament to life leaving this place filled with strife  ‘’Don’t cry for me, shed tears for yourself for each date you acquire gives you a little less.

‘’Now I know why I live the way I do Any why my mistakes, no second look  ‘’If I live my life according to their pace what’s my price in life’s meaningless race?  ‘

’Too much odds stacked against this fierce soul, so each hour, all I do is attain my goals  ‘’Spent a lot of days searching for purpose, Then I put my thoughts into poetry and prose

‘’This is why I was put in this world, be a voice, Put emotions in words  ‘’For every tear I shed and times my eye smiled, someone will have known every option I tried.  ‘

’This cowardly heart felt fear not death Prize I’ve earned since my birth  ‘’My vow to leave a lasting voice after I was Find a loyal number to keep fighting my cause  ‘’Here lies she who lived short but well No regrets for her, but all her story tell”.

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Court rejects suit seeking registration of lesbian group in Nigeria



Justice Nnamdi Dimg alt=’Court rejects suit seeking registration of lesbian group in Nigeria’ class=’img-responsive text-center’ style=’margin: auto;’ba of a Federal High Court in Abuja, has dismissed a suit challenging non-registration of a same sex group by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), for lacking in merit.
The plaintiff, Pamela Adie, in the court papers, said that sometime in October 2017, she founded the “Lesbian Equality and Empowerment Initiatives” whose objective was primarily to advocate for the rights of same sex sexual orientation people but that her quest to register the association at the CAC, through her counsel, Fajenyo Kayode, was declined. She then filed a motion challenging the decision of the commission to decline the registration of the association.
In his judgment which was delivered last Friday November 16th, Justice Dimg alt=’Court rejects suit seeking registration of lesbian group in Nigeria’ class=’img-responsive text-center’ style=’margin: auto;’ba held that the decision of CAC refusing to register the group was in compliance with 30 (1) (c) of the Companies And Allied Matters Act (CAMA) Cap C20 Laws of Federation of Nigeria 2004.
“It is my view that where either the proposed name of the company or its aims and objectives are caught by the provisions of Section 30 (1) (c) of CAMA, the respondent is duly empowered to reject such an application for reservation of name or registration as it has done in this case.
“Section 30 (1) (c) of CAMA reads: “No company shall be registered under this Act by a name which- (c) in the opinion of the Commission is capable of being misleading as to the nature or extent of its activities or is undesirable, offensive or otherwise contrary to public policy.” the judge said

Recall that in January 2014, the Anti-Gay law which proffers 14-year jail term for anyone caught in any act of same sex, was assented to by former president Goodluck Jonathan.

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No going back on N30,000 minimum wage- NLC insists



The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) has vowed not to go back on the already negotiated new minimum wage of N30,000. The labour unions position came after the Nigerian Governors Forum stated that paying 30,000 naira is not feasible in the face of the current economic situation.

The NLC in a statement said

“We hereby reiterate our directive to Nigerian workers to vote out any politician or political party that refuses to pay the new national minimum wage of N30,000 naira. We shall continue to consolidate our efforts to strengthen the existing platforms and structures to give teeth to our resolve to vote out anti-labour governors and politicians in the forthcoming 2019 general elections’’

The NLC also warned President Buhari to be wary of some governors who are bent on portraying him as an anti-worker President for selfish reasons. The union has however vowed to resist any state government that would attempt to frustrate the union’s efforts in putting smiles on the faces of the Nigerian workers.

“We call on President Muhammadu Buhari to speedily present to the National Assembly the bill on the National Minimum Wage for appropriate amendment and implementation” the statement read

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