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‘She used to be Henry’s girlfriend back in the university of Uyo’ – Letters to Yahweh



Letters to Yahweh – Episode 1

The one and only thing you could have predicted about my meeting the woman who was sleeping with my husband was that I would break her head into pieces, or that I tore her clothes, pulled her hair and yelled “leave my husband Lolita!”

But that is not what happened.

At the time I met Lolita Ann-Marie Udechukwu, I was dumbfounded; not literally, I mean physically.

She used to be Henry’s girlfriend back in the university of Uyo. At that time, Henry and I had not met yet. They were both in the department of petroleum engineering.

He was in love with her, deeply in love. But she wasn’t. She loved the fact that Henry was a brilliant student who wrote her term papers, assignments, tests, and even examinations when necessary. There was a time he was almost caught, but he paid his way out of being disgraced in the midst of exams malpractice. He did more for Lolita.

Henry had told me of how Lolita cheated on him with lecturers, politicians and wealthy men from outside campus. But despite all of these, he kept on forgiving and taking her back, whether she asked for it or not.

After their final year exams, Henry decided to propose to her.

He wanted to settle down and start up life with the love of his life. His father advised him to marry when he has nothing, so that he will marry well to a woman who loved him for real, and not for the reasons that he has money.

But Lolita didn’t want such a man. She wanted a man who was buoyant in all ramifications.

That afternoon, he held the engagement ring in his hands, waiting anxiously for her at the main entrance of the girls hostel. When she finally arrived, he knelt right before her, in the midst of excited students.

Her face was expressionless. She stared at the ring like she knew he was going to propose on that day, and then turned her back against him.

“please marry me Lolita…”

He said in a trembling voice, staring at her searchingly.

“I didn’t plan on marrying someone who isn’t working or doing anything for a living. I can’t live in that one room of yours Henry. I can’t marry someone who is in the same level with me please.”

Her capacity to irritate him was boundless.

“we are no more students. I will find a good job, we will be happy.” He said in broken whispers.

“how can we be happy in a one room apartment? No car, no washing machine, not even hope for a good paying job. How will you take care of me?”

It took a moment for her words to register. Then she said incredulously, “you came all the way from main campus to give me a cheap steel ring, not even platinum steel, not diamond. I would have managed gold. This is not the life I want Henry.” She said meanly, not looking at his face.

He didn’t want to go into a long explanation that afternoon, it was drizzling and students had started walking away to their hostels, murmuring and giving loud sighs at the scene.

It was becoming cold, and he was tired of kneeling down in that freezing cold. So he asked simply, “so you won’t marry me?”

“don’t be ridiculous Henry, of course I won’t marry you!”

After few minutes of listening to Lolita’s ramblings, Henry suddenly got up and walked away. He threw the ring into the gutter. He didn’t look back, all he thought of was the wasted moments he had spent on Lolita, all the little pennies he spent on her.


Months after Henry broke up with Lolita, we met.

It was his first time in my church, pastor Cordelier called out for people who wanted to give their lives to Christ. I was an usher in church. I stood at the podium, waiting to direct them orderly. I suddenly changed my mind and decided to join them. I gave my life to Christ for the second time. And just after we said the last lines of “…I accept Jesus Christ as my lord and saviour.” He clasp his hands loosely in mine in the midst of the congregation.

When I lifted my eyes to see who it was, my heart melted at his sight. He was weeping uncontrollably.

He tightened his hands in mine, becoming safe in the warmness of my palms. Heat flared and raced between us in burning waves. Our eyes held, and just at that moment, pastor Cordelier laid hands on his forehead. He didn’t fall under anointing, I did.


Episode 2

After I felt Henry’s powerful presence by my side, I noted his face, it was unforgettable. He was handsome, and above all tall; just my kind of man.

“hello miss…” he said in a baritone voice. I knew he was the one. After a slight hesitant to wait, I looked up, and felt a wrenching in my stomach as he caught my eye.

He was, however, a lot more cautious now than he was. He had the kind of voice a woman would listen to.

“I am Henry Udofa, it’s my first time in your church.”

There was another pause as I digested this. I cocked my head to one side, studying his face.

“I am Nene Umoren.” My pleasantly modulated voice suddenly turned fractious. “it was nice having you in our church. I hope you enjoyed the service?”

“pastor Cordelier is an amazing man of God. He has charisma.” He laughed nervously. And I giggled a bit.

He liked me, I saw it in his eyes right at the podium. I am not sure if it was love at first sight, but he liked me.

And right then, he was trying to convince me to pay him a visit at his house.

I dithered, debating with myself whether I should pay him or visit or not.

“ I can visit you, if you don’t mind.” He said.

“I mind. My father doesn’t accept male visitors in our house.” I said softly.

“oh…so sorry. I didn’t know you still live with your parents. We can hangout then, what do you think?” he asked, I nodded. “what do you do?”

“I am a doctor. A medical practitioner. I just finished serving in Taraba state. I work now with my mom at our family hospital.”

“nice…your mom is a doctor too?”

“yes. she is my senior colleague.” I said with a wide smile, while I watched him laugh out loud.

Henry and I exchanged phone numbers, and on the night of that day, we talked for hours over the phone.

Everyone at home talked about how I walked out to the podium during the altar call.

After our usual morning devotion, papa preached about it.

“We should all be sinless, so that we can save our faces the shame of giving our lives to Christ countless times. We should give our lives to Christ just once.” Papa said boldly.

I knew he meant me.

That morning, I decided to assist Mama in making pancakes and pap for breakfast. While I mixed the flour in bowl, she folded her arms and stared at me in the face.

“have you ever seen your best friend Chidera disgrace her father pastor Cordelier the way you did to us yesterday in church?” She asked in whispers, only the sound of the heating oil on the gas was heard as there was silence in the midst of just the two of us.

“I am not Chidera, I am Nene. There is nothing wrong in reuniting with God Mama.”

“teach me the bible! Shameless…” she gave a loud sigh and took the bowl of flour from me. “why did you have to give your life to Christ for the second time? I hope you have not given out your virginity to one useless boy? You can’t have virginity back, even if you give your life to Christ countless times.” She said, forcing words out of her mouth. “Nene, are you still a virgin?” she whispered.

I nodded slowly, then took the plates and turned away to hide my face.

“don’t ask her, check her!” papa’s voice got my heart trembled. He eavesdropped at our conversations.

“your mother is a resolute woman. Resolute women don’t give their lives to Christ uncountable times. Be a resolute woman.” Papa said, walking out of the kitchen with a coffee mug.

“if you have given your virginity out, tell me now before I check you, let me just kill myself.” Mama whispered again, this time, with a stern look.

I laughed. A good laugh, low and disrespectful. It was the first time my mother had ever seen me that laugh that way.

“iyaoooo…she has lost it. Look at how she is laughing at me.” She screamed, washed her hands and wiped with a kitchen napkin hastily. She dragged me to the room and then muttered, “your father married me a virgin…”

I gave a little private smile and fell on the bed.

“open these legs!” she yelled at me.

She dragged out my panties as I spread my legs.

“of course that’s right…what’s that hole. Aagh…it the anus…good girl!” she said pleasantly. I was slightly panicking by now.

My mother gave a slight smile. I got the idea that she was enjoying making me uncomfortable. I laughed uneasily, wore my panties and started manoeuvring toward the door.


Episode 3

I was at the hospital, attending to patients. I found myself thinking of the things that never mattered.

I thought about the things Henry said over the phone the previous night; we talked about his dreams to work in an oil company and own oil wells. We talked about his ex girlfriend and his friends back then in school. We talked about the future. And we talked about his new life with Jesus Christ. It was the best decision he’d ever make.

We prayed together and while he kept responding ‘amen’ I kept on praying until I was warned that my airtime was almost exhausting.

One of my favorite patients Aunty Vero visited the hospital that afternoon. Aunty Vero was a woman in her late 70s who had white grey hairs and her eyes were always seen behind round spectacles. She was one so lanky that she usually bent to pass through the hospital doors; and the nurses called her ‘aunty tallest’. She frowned at the idea of people referring her as ‘mama’.

After I checked her temperature, she gave a loud fart, and then a deep throaty giggle. I smiled calmly in acknowledgement, but didn’t seem remotely embarrassed.

“sorry about that doctor Nene. My granddaughter made fried beans and potato last night. Since then, I have been farting uncontrollably. Beans isn’t good for me at all. “ she said sweetly.

“sorry aunty Vero, you will be fine.”

“is there anything I can take to subside?”

I actually felt myself blush and I replied kindly.

“yes aunty. I will make prescriptions as soon as possible. “

“your elder brother doctor Raphael isn’t as nice as you. Such a fine rude man! I met him once at the teaching hospital in Calabar. He was once my gynaecologist. All the patients disliked his manner of approach. But you are not like that. And he is your brother. “

“oh aunty Vero, I am so sorry about my brother’s approach.” I said nicely.

“it’s okay. And by the way, everyone in your family is in the medical field. Your mother used to be my doctor here. I put to bed to my second daughter in the hands of your father doctor Umoren. I was so excited when he told me the other day that you and the rude doctor Raphael are his children.”

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I nodded slowly at the way she added ‘rude’ to my brother’s name. My brother had always been like that since he was a teenager. He had lots of books and no friend. His favorite companions were his laptops, books and the bible. My parents taught him to be like that. My mom had once told him that the downfall of a man begins the moment he begins to sleep with girls, or keeps too many friends.

Aunty Vero did something extraordinary on this day. She turned to me and put her wrinkled arm around my shoulder. Not like she was a poof, but as if she had known me all her life. And oddly, it didn’t feel bad or embarrassing. Then she said, quite clearly, under her breath. “You’re such a good girl doctor Nene. I pray that God blesses you with a good man. It pains me that good women don’t find good men. But you will find a good man. If all my sons were not married, I would have introduced you to one of them.” She said and a gave a soft laugh. I giggled and watched her say more.

“I made a big mistake in my marriage. I remembered God at the time I had long lost my husband to women of doom, demons! Make sure you pray before you start any relationship with a man. Put God first and ask him for directions. My husband came back to me broke at fifty. He lost all we worked hard for to his mistresses. But that won’t happen to you. You will find him with Jesus.” She took a deep breath and then said, “You’re a brilliant doctor. One of the best medical practitioners I have come across. May God bless you with a good man.”

“amen.” I replied softly.

She squeezed my shoulder with her hand. It felt surprisingly strong.

“do you have a boyfriend doctor?”

“no aunty Vero.” I said.

With this, she shot me a look of so much naked sauciness that I blushed still deeper. This time, she was laughing out so loud.

She tried to rise from the bed and nearly seemed to fall. I immediately reached out for her and held her firmly by the hand until she’d strengthened up again. There was this look of concern on her face that I could not understand.

Yet for some reasons, her words floated around my head and even came back to me in my dreams.

After that day, I didn’t see Aunty Vero again. It was my last moments with her. I heard she died on a sick bay, just after Christmas. But I cherished the moments we shared.


Written by Vickybon

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Banky W battling intense food poisoning

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